The Royal Family of Romania, as a royal institution, carries out extensive activities of public representation of the Romanian nation, in accordance with the Fundamental Rules of the Royal Family of Romania.

Since 1990, Her Majesty Margareta of Romania has carried out numerous activities representing Romania. Along with His Royal Highness, Prince Consort Radu of Romania, she represented Romania in Europe, Asia, America, Africa in over 350 diplomatic visits.

Since its foundation in 1990 and until now, the Royal Margaret Foundation of Romania has had branches in Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, United States and France, thus getting involved in international projects in the social, medical, educational, cultural field.

Her Majesty Margaret was present in the Romanian Parliament, on solemn occasions. She participated in the solemn session of the reunited Chambers of Parliament in 2006, on the occasion of the condemnation of the communist regime, then in 2014, on the occasion of a decade since Romania's entry into NATO. In 2011, on October 25, she was present in the Romanian Parliament together with Her Majesty King Mihai on the occasion of his 90th birthday. In 2014, she was present in the Romanian Senate, on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the fall of the communist regime.

Princess Helen of Romania is the second daughter of King Michael of Romania and Queen Ana. Her Royal Highness is engaged in promoting Romanian economic and socio-cultural activities.

Principesa Elena a României este a doua fiică a Regelui Mihai și a Reginei Ana. Alteța Sa Regală este implicată în promovarea intereselor economice și culturale ale României.

Her Royal Highness Princess Sofia of Romania, Her Majesty's sister, carries out a wide artistic activity as a professional photographer, in Romania and other countries.

Her Royal Highness Princess Maria of Romania, the youngest sister of Her Majesty Margaret, offered in 2019 the High Patronage to one of the oldest charitable organizations in Romania, the Children in Difficulty Foundation.