Monarchies around the world

This is a list of links to official websites of Royal Families around the world. The list includes the Royal Families in the monarchy countries around the world and other Royal Families. The monarchy countries use a monarchy system of government. In a Republic, the Royal Family doesn't rule, but gets involved in the social life of the state, with a large contribution to stability, sustainable development through various projects and diplomatic activity.
The Royal Family of Romania is related to many other Royal Families around the world. The Royal Family plays an important role in the Romanian diplomacy through its international visits and royal connections.
King Michael I of Romania has made major tours to support Romania's entry into North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union between 1997 and 2002.

International Monarchist Organisations

The International Monarchist League


The Albanian Royal Family


The Black-Yellow Alliance, Austrian monarchist movement


The Royal Office of the Crown of Belarus


The Belgian Monarchy


The Imperial Family of Brazil (House of Orléans-Braganza)


Royal Family of Bulgaria - Tsar Simeon II - Simeon Borisov von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha


Koruna Česká - the Crown of the Czech, Monarchist Party of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia


The Monarchist League of Canada


The Royal Family of Denmark


The Crown Council of Ethiopia
Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy


Jean d'Orléans, Compte de Paris
Monarchist Organisation Action française


The Royal House of Georgia

Germany (Prussia)

The Imperial Family of Hohenzollern
Hohenzollern Palace


The Greek Royal Family


The Hasemite Kingdom of Jordan


The Royal Family of Iran


The Royal House of Savoy
Italian Monarchist Union


The Imperial House of Japan
Nippon Kaigi, conservative non-governamental organization


The Princely House of Liechtenstein


The official website of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg


The Sovereign Order of Malta, officially the Sovereign Military Hospitalier Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, founded around 1099 as the Knights Hospitalier - Romania and the Royal Family of Romania has dipomatic relations with The Sovereign Order of Malta since 1932.
His Majesty King Michael I, Her Majesty Queen Ana and Her Majesty Margareta of Romania received the Grand Cross of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
The official website of the Order of Malta


The official website of The Princely Family of Monaco


The Petrović-Njegoš Foundation , House of Petrović-Njegoš Foundation

The Netherlands

The Royal House of The Netherlands (House of Orange-Nassau)


The Royal House of Norway


The Royal House of Portugal, House of Braganza

Romania and Bessarabia
(Romanian territories of Moldova situated on the left bank of the river Prut and Northern Bukovina )

The official website of The Royal Family of Romania
The official blog of the Royal Family of Romania , including details about the public daily activities of the Royal Family of Romania


The Russian Imperial House (House of Romanov)
The Russian Legitimists

Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Royal Family Website


The Royal Family of Serbia
Association Kingdom of Serbia


The Royal House of Spain


The Swedish Royal Court


The official website of The Royal Household of Thailand

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The official website of The Royal Family
The official website of The Prince of Wales
Constitutional Monarchy Association
The British Monarchists Society

The Vatican City

The Vatican City State presents an elective monarchy - The Supreme Pontiff is elected by the College of Cardinals
The official website of The Holy See